Did you buy flexible ticket insurance on our website? Then you might be eligible for claiming the change fees with insurer Europ Assistance. Shortly after booking on our website, you have received a detailed e-mail from Europ Assistance with all information (claim link, policy, conditions and contact details).

If you want to use your flexible ticket insurance, you have to change your booking first, before claiming the costs with Europ Assistance (conditions apply). Please check if changing your current ticket is allowed by the airline. You will find these change conditions in your ticket email (just below your flight details) and on MijnTix. Depending on your situation:

1. My ticket is changeable (with fee)

If a change is allowed, you will find the minimum fee in your ticket email. Always request the change via Gate1. You will have to pay for the fees involved and after the change has been finalized, you can file a claim with Europ Assistance for a refund of the expenses (if your change meets their conditions). 

A change always needs to be requested through an online form. Follow the steps on this page.

2. My ticket is non-changeable

More often tickets are non-changeable. If so, first cancel your flights by contacting us. The only possibility would be to make a new booking and claim (a part of) the costs involved with Europ Assistance afterwards. Always book your new ticket yourself on our website, as stated in the conditions of Europ Assistance.

Europ Assistance needs the documents below to process your claim:

  • Policy number: which you will find in the e-mail Europ Assistance sent shortly after booking
  • Confirmation from your original booking: here you'll find the originally paid amount
  • In case of a changeable ticket:
    • The paylink email with the changing fees and overview of new flights
    • Your new ticket which states your new confirmed flights
  • In case of a non-changeable ticket:
    • The e-mail in which we confirm your cancellation
    • The booking confirmation of your new flights and the newly paid amount

If anything is unclear with regards to your policy or claiming a change, we kindly advise to contact Europ Assistance directly, as we are unable to assist. Contact details can be found in their e-mail.